With the development of society, the pace of life is fast. So people nowadays like convenience and speed more and more. In this epidemic environment, people pay more and more attention to the health and safety of diet. Folding kitchenware has gradually entered our life. Silicone folding cup uses food-grade materials vulcanized at high temperature. And the materials are delicate and soft, harmless to human body, safe and nontoxic at high temperature, and confident to use. It has the following main advantages:


1.Safety and environmental protection of materials

2. Light weight and easy to carry

3.  folding, small space

4. Many shapes and sizes


1. Material safety:

Nowadays, health is the first priority. The silicone folding drinkwares adopts food-grade silicone raw materials through high-temperature vulcanization. It is non-toxic and tasteless and will not produce harmful substances to human body. The most commonly used silicone kitchenware in our daily life are: silicone cups, silicone forks, silicone shovels, silicone tableware, silicone bowls, silicone insulating pads, silicone insulating gloves and silicone nipples, etc. The products can pass FDA and other tests.

Silicone folding travel cups uses environmentally friendly, nontoxic and safe food-grade silicone. Food-grade silicone is an inorganic polymer colloidal material condensed from silicic acid, and its main component is mSio2nH2O. Chemical stability is good except alkali and hydrofluoric acid, which don’t react with any acid and alkali under two special circumstances. Commonly used in silicone baby pacifiers, bottles and other products with high safety requirements. Heat resistance can reach 230 degrees. Silicone water bottles adopt environmentally friendly organic silicone, which will durable and never deform.

2. Light weight and easy to carry

Traditional stainless steel, ceramic or glass bottles are relatively heavy, while silicone folding cups are relatively much lighter. This makes it very easy for you to carry, and you won’t feel too heavy hanging it on your bag. You can also fold it into your pocket.

3. Foldable, takes up a small space

The traditional water bottle occupies a large space. However, the silicone folding travel cup takes up a small space, so it doesn’t need to be stored in such a spacious place. The collapsible silicone cup is a kind of drinkware with convenient carrying, sanitary use and double walls. Two adjacent sections of the outer wall are connected by threads, and two adjacent sections of the inner wall are in conical fit and can move up and down. The inner wall is driven to expand up and down by the screw rotation of the outer wall to realize the cup-shaped folding and stretching functions.

4. Many shape and size

Why are more and more people choosing silicone folding cup? Besides being safe, convenient and easy to carry, it also has many sizes and shapes to choose from. This can meet the needs of different people. We have 170ml, 270ml, 350ml and 450ml and 550ml. If you don’t think the capacity is large enough, we still have 600ml silicone collapsible water bottle. There are many colors for you to choose from, pink, blue, green, orange and purple. If you want to customize color, we can also make them, but there will be requirements for MOQ.

Foldable technology has become the whole selling point of products. Collapsible silicone products have become more convenient to travel and carry around outdoors, especially folding bowls and folding cups. They can be put into bags after being washed directly with water, which is convenient and fast, and takes up less space, especially when going out.

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