As we all know, there are more and more people who exercise and keep fit. It is necessary to drink protein powder after a period of exercise, which can promote muscle growth. It is very important to choose a suitable shaker bottle, but do you know anything about shaker bottles? Do you know why you want to use it? The main value of the shaker bottle is to wash away the protein powder, so that people can absorb it better after exercise. Therefore, it is essential to have a good body and a good shaker bottle for fitness. Therefore, I will share with you the characteristics, safety and materials of the shaker bottle. What is a good shaker bottle and how to choose the one that suits you?


  1. The characteristics of the shaker bottle
  2. The safety of shaking the cup
  3. The material of the protein shaker bottle


The characteristics of the shaker bottle

The shaker bottle is a cup for brewing protein pow. The greatest use lies in the fact that the protein powder can be uniformly blended at low temperature, which provides great convenience for people who often supplement protein powder. The shaker bottle contains a filter screen and a spring ball which swings up and down, so that the protein powder can be fully dissolved in water. Usage:

  1. Disassemble the shaker bottle and clarify the purpose of each part. Lid, cup body and oscillating steel ball
  2. Take the lid, pour the protein powder into the bottle and warm water. Generally, 30 grams of protein powder is poured into 200 ml of water (there are scales on the cup), and skim milk can also be added to improve the taste.
  3. Put the oscillating steel wire ball into the shaker bottle, screw on the lid, and shake for 30-60 seconds to fully dissolve the protein powder.
  4. You can drink it at last.
  5. There is always a little residue in the cup after drinking every time. Rinse the residue with clear water and dry it. It is not easy to produce peculiar smell.

The safety of shaking the cup


  1. The water for brewing protein powder must be warm water (low temperature close to human body is the best). Hot water will break the protein structure, while cold water is not easy to dissolve.
  2. Pure whey protein powder should be eaten together with carbohydrates (such as bananas, oats, steamed bread, etc.), so that it can be easily absorbed by muscles. If it is muscle strengthening powder or the like, it is not necessary to add a large amount of carbohydrate to the ingredients. Pay attention to the ingredient list of the products you buy.
  3. Protein powder is best drunk within 30 minutes after the heart rate is calmed down, or it can be eaten with breakfast in the morning as a supplement to protein.
  4. No supplement can replace the basic diet. A healthy diet with high protein, low fat, moderate amount of carbohydrate and more vegetables is the foundation of fitness.
  5. In the initial stage of fitness, the enthusiasts should mainly adjust the basic diet structure, and generally do not need additional supplements.
  6. Water can be added in an appropriate amount, and protein powder is not easy to dissolve without water.

The material of the protein shaker bottle

Same as other drinking cups, protein shaker bottles have many materials to choose from, such as plastic and stainless steel, which are the two most common materials. Our company also has high-quality shaker bottles. Let’s briefly introduce plastic and stainless steel ones. We have several plastic shake bottles with different sizes and capacities. There are also shake balls inside, which is more convenient for brewing protein powder.


These are our best-selling stainless steel insulated shaking bottles. More and more people choose stainless steel thermos cups. Of course, apart from insulation, stainless steel shaker bottle is safer. We use food grade 304 stainless steel, BPA free. The material is absolutely safe.

stainless steel shaker cup      vacuum gym shaker bottle      Protein shaker bottle     Stainless steel shaker bottle

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