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Hono Story

Hono Housewares Co., Ltd is a professional stainless steel tumbler supplier, water bottle and coffee mug manufacturer in Zhejiang, China. We are specializing in custom insulated drinkwares over 10 years. Over the years moving forward, Hono has developed a wide range of insulated drinkwares including: stainless steel cola bottle, vacuum flask, hydro flask, travel mug, coffee tumbler, food container etc. We also provide one stop OEM custom manufacturing service to our clients. Our mission is to provide our clients with all types of drinkwares with first quality, nice design, reasonable price and in-time delivery. Contact us to make your own design custom coffee mugs and water bottle.

Hono Housewares advantage
  • Over 10 years of industry knowhow & experience, always provide competitive price with good quality.
  • 60 new designs every year & Hundreds of innovative products. Never stop for new technology.
  • Strict quality control system, control started from material. Continuous improvement on quality.
  • Overall one-stop services. Quick response & fast improvement. Comprehensive supply-chain support.
Join Hono Housewares

At Hono, we have built a company culture that fosters trust, instills respect, and creates values together. Our version is Together, we can make a world of difference. Some may think this is an impractical concept, that you really can’t take it seriously at work. But it is our basic experience and idea we delegated to. This doesn’t mean we only talk about vision and dream every day. It means that we need to down the earth and work hard together, to make things different. Imagine working for a company with a proven record of changing the world for the better. We are dedicated to providing safe, high quality products that encourage a healthy lifestyle. Come to join us!

Our Products

A professional stainless steel water bottle manufacturer in China