S’well has becoming one of the most popular insulated drinkware products in the world. The original design intention of Swell bottle is from the founder Sara Kauss’s concern about the environment in the US. She set out to create a pretty and practical reusable water bottle, so that everyone can reduce plastic bottles use. In 2010, with the mission of keeping the world away from disposable plastic bottles, S’well came into being.

Before introduce how to custom swell bottle alternatives, here we talk about other two topic firstly:

Why people love Swell bottles so much?

  1. We think it is S’well advocates a very healthy concept of “sustainable development”, this push people to further think about the relationship between the earth and mankind then put it into action.
  2. Swell insulated bottles provide amazing colors, prints, patterns and textures options available, with smooth curve of the bottle that looks nice. As well, it made of high-grade 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and vacuum insulated technology, can keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12.
  3. Of course, its successful marketing methods also played a great role as well.

So it is a perfect gift for family and friend. Do you want to make the gift more unique? How to make a similar custom water bottle like S’well thermos bottles? How to customize the swell bottle with your own design? What custom options you can choose? Here will give you the answers.

Even Swell water bottles have functional style, high quality material and rich pattern options, people always hesitate to buy it because its high price. The typical price of swell is $20 – $50, depending on size. As brand itself has a certain popularity and a successful marketing model, as well as the successful products that have successfully affected the brand popularity before, it is confident to maintain high prices on the premise of ensuring quality. If you want to get the same quality and service of S’well wholesale bottle at a more affordable price, hope this article will help you.

Where is S’well bottle manufactured? Is Swell made in USA?

S’well water bottles and beverage containers are thoughtfully designed in New York City and responsibly made in China. Not only Swell, top of 10 brands in the US are made in China as well, such as Hydro Flask, Yeti, Contigo, Camelbak, Starbucks etc. Maybe you can see the “Made in China” information from product packaging. It’s remarkable that most of these factories are in Yongkang, Jinhua, Zhejiang. The industrial cluster of stainless steel insulated drinkwares is formed here.

It can be seen that many manufactures in China have same strong strength and technology to customize S’well alternatives.

Best Swell Alternatives for custom Swell bottles

How to custom swell bottle? If you want to find swell bottle alternatives, please come to us. We can provide you high quality swell bottle, and we can provide you various of style and size of Swell water bottle, and many customized options.

Style & Size: Usually there are 4 series for Swell bottles: THE ORIGINAL, TRAVLERS, ROAMERS, KIDS.

S’well Original:

Custom swell bottle

25oz = 11.81”H x 3.15” W, 1 lb

17oz = 10.39” x 2.80” W, 0.69 lbs

9oz = 7.89”H x 2.64” W, 0.5 lbs

S’well Traveler:

Swell traveler

20oz = 9.2”H x 3.25” W, 1 lb

16oz = 8.1”H x 3.25” W, 0.8 lbs

12oz = 6.5”H x 3” W, 0.69 lbs

S’well Roamer:

S’well Roamer

64oz = 10.8″H x 5.2″W, 1.8 lbs

40oz = 8.9″H x 4.7″W, 1.44 lbs

S’ip Original

Swell Sip

23oz. = 11.75″H x 3.2″W, 0.94 lbs

15oz. = 10.39″H x 2.80″W, 0.69 lbs

10oz. = 7.89″H x 2.64″W, 0.5 lbs

It started with the iconic 17-ounce vacuum bottle, then expanded beyond bottles and hydration into food, barware and accessories. They all can be customized with different logo, colors and patterns.


Generally, we are able to provide our regular colors in low MOQ, it is 100pcs each regular color. If you would like to custom color of the bottle, just tell us the pantone number, we will arrange the mass-production according to pantone number. The MOQ is 1000pcs each custom logo.


Most customers require adding their custom logo on the product, in this way, they can promote their brand or company. These are our common printing method as below:

  1. Silk Screen Printing
  2.  Laser Engraved logo
  3. 3D Digital Printing
  4. Embossed Logo

custom swell bottle printing

If you want learn more about the differences and limitations of each printing method, please refer to this article.



We also can provide full printing on the bottle. And It requires higher printing process and higher MOQ.

Heat Transfer Printing

Gas Transfer Printing

Water Transfer Printing

Sublimation Printing


White box/Brown box are our regular choice for products.

If you have the need to customize box, the MOQ is 1000pcs. We will send the die cut for you firstly, then you can expand your design on it.

If you want learn more about how to customize Swell bottle and how to find best Swell Alternatives, you can visit our website www.honogo.com.