In stainless steel water bottle industry, insulated water bottles can be customized in different colors and patterns. Now days, variety of insulated bottles are manufactured with different form of printing styles such as logos or beautiful patterns.

These printing bottles are mainly sold on holiday because they have proved to be beautiful gifts for people, especially young people. Today we would like to introduce the major printing method for water bottles and vacuum flasks. 

Silk Screen Printing

Screen printing

Screen printing offers the option of placing the artwork on front and back or wrapping artwork around water bottle. This form of printing amazing results in one or two colors of artwork, and also maximizes the use of available printing space on bottles, with almost with almost complete wrap function.

Laser Marking

Laser marking

It’s called laser engraving too. This printing method is done on demand and provides more beautiful and lasting markings on bottles. Pricing of this printing type depends on the artwork size. There are three kinds of laser marking, including:

– Laser engraving - In this type, the laser is burned into the bamboo cap, forming an engraved image on the thermos bottle.

– Laser annealing – There will be a permanent laser marker formed on the surface of stainless steel insulated bottles.

– Laser paint removal method is used. Using laser marking machine to engrave artwork on painted surface of insulated bottle.

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation Printing

Like heat transfer printing, sublimation printing method is mainly used in labeling and printing industry. It can be easily adapted to any form of artwork. Heat transfer or decals are the best choice for complex multi-color artwork with gradations.

In this process, we need to spray coating onto bottle as a background. Then the ink is transferred from a transfer film or decal onto the coating layer, then heated to permanently adhere the pattern on the bottle’s surface in a thermal manner.

Hydrographic Printing

Hydrographic Printing

This printing method involves the water transfer printing and is most suitable for irregular objects. Almost any form of object has the ability to maintain a base coating, and can be used to achieve good results.

3D Digital Printing

3d digital printing

This option of 3D digital printing can meet customers’ needs for artwork with a variety of colors and based on a small orders. Because there is no need for set up charge of logo printing.

The printing method for water bottles maintain the highest standards of product safety and also initiate environmental safety production. In all kinds of printing products, the printing equipment only uses food safety acrylic paint and non-toxic ink without heavy metals, phthalates or VOC.

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