Plastic cups, as one of the most common types of water bottles in life, are believed to be familiar to everyone. But the safety of plastic cups has been questioned by people. So although plastic cups can be seen everywhere, there are still many people who dare not use plastic cups, whether they are PC plastic cups or PP plastic cups. It was not until the appearance of Tritan that plastic cups were really accepted by people! Today, let’s talk about Tritan drinkwares. Hono Housewares will introduce it from four points.

  • The origin of Tritan

  • Tritan’s food safety

  • Durability of Tritan water bottle

  • Precautions for using Tritan

1.The origin of Tritan

Tritan’s full name: Tritan Copolyester, is a new generation Copolyester developed by Eastman company. Due to people’s pursuit of quality of life and health, the market demands for environmental protection of plastic raw materials are also increasing. PC will produce bisphenol A after hydrolysis. Medical research believes that long-term intake of a small amount of bisphenol A will cause confusion in endocrine system, which may have adverse effects on reproductive system and destroy gender balance. Many countries have restricted or banned PC. Eastman developed a new generation of Copolyester “Tritan” under this market background.

2.Tritan’s food safety

The biggest advantage of Tritan material is its safety. Compared with PC and other PP materials, Tritan material doesn’t contain bisphenol A, bisphenol S and any bisphenol substances. So you can use it with confidence. Therefore, if someone asks a question like: Is it good to drink water in Tritan cup or Tritan water bottle. We can definitely answer: Yes, it is safe to drink hot water or cold water, and it is good! Tritan has no bisphenol A component in the polymerization production process, and doen’t release bisphenol A in the use process. This meets the requirements of environmental protection and health. Then, where do we go to buy cheap Tritan water bottles?

Hono Housewares have many new Tritan bottles. This is our new 750ml Tritan water bottle with new flip lid and handle. It is very suitable for daily commuting, outdoor travel or sports to supplement drinking water.

750ml Tritan water bottle

3.Durability of Tritan water bottle

Tritan has many advantages, such as durability. It has impact strength comparable to PC, strong toughness and durability. Tritan has high transparency. From the appearance, Tritan is clear and transparent, with light transmittance > 90%, haze < 1% and crystal luster. Not inferior to glass, it has a crystal-like luster and is resistant to pollution, and it is not easy to produce odor. This kind of material, coupled with the capacity scale, is a good tool for drinking water. We also have a large-capacity 32oz Tritan sport water bottle with time marker and capacity marker.

tritan bottle

Our motivational time marker water bottle also comes with straws and strap, which is very suitable for outdoor travel. There is enough capacity of 32oz, it can meet the daily water demand. The lid is also leak-proof, and you can put it into the backpack.

4.Precautions for using tritan

Of course, there is no perfect thing in the world. Tritan material also has a limitation, that is, its temperature resistance. The temperature resistance of Tritan material is between-10℃ and 96℃. If the temperature is too high, the bottle made of Tritan material will be deformed. There is no way, this is the characteristic of the material, just like the glass cup has strong thermal conductivity and fragility. But in addition, Tritan material has no other shortcomings. Therefore, we should pay attention to the water temperature when we use the cup made of tritan. And the water temperature must not be too high!

Besides these two models, we also have many other bottles. They are all environmentally friendly water bottles with food safety level. If you like any of the above products and want to know about more information, please feel free to visit our store on Alibaba: or you can contact me directly.