With the improvement of living standards, various exquisite ceramic mugs have become common utensils on people’s dining tables. The surface of the ceramic mug is smooth, and bacteria and dirt are not easy to breed on the cup wall. It has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and easy cleaning, and the price is relatively cheap. Using the ceramic mug to drink tea, water and coffee can also play a good heat preservation effect. Ceramic mugs are not only beneficial in use, but also a good choice for giving gifts to friends. Recently, there are some unique sublimation ceramic mugs, which are very innovative. Now, follow me, I will recommend some unique sublimation ceramic mugs from Hono Housewares to you.

New 1: Wholesale Cheap Sublimation Blanks Mug 11oz Plain White Sublimation Ceramic Mug

sublimation ceramic mug

Product Specification: The capacity of this ceramic mug is 300ml. Its product size is 8.2*9.5cm. The material of this mug is ceramic. The surface of this ceramic mug is well coated with sublimation coating.

Product Design:

1)Material and appearance

This sublimation ceramic mug has a food grade safety coating, which is very safe for people to drink. There are three styles of this sublimation ceramic mug, they are inner color cup, color mouth cup and double color cup. There are 10 colors for you to choose from, they are white, red, blue, black, yellow, etc. The bottom of the cup is polished smoothly and naturally, which can prevent slip. This sublimation ceramic mug has a smooth handle, comfortable touch and natural connection.


We can make custom logo, text and photos for you on the surface of the cup. You only need to provide us with pictures with a resolution of more than 300 pixels or large high-definition pictures. The supported formats include JPG, PSD, AI, CDR, etc, First, print the picture with Epson micro ink drops with high precision. Then manually stick the printing paper on the appropriate position of the cup body with high-temperature tape. Then place the ceramic mug in a professional heat transfer printing machine for high-temperature printing. Finally, tear off the printing paper on the cup. In this way, you will get a ceramic mug with beautiful pattern.

New 2: Wholesale Custom 11oz Magic Color Change Mug Sublimation Ceramic Mug With Handle

ceramic sublimation magic mug

Product Specification: The capacity of this magic color change sublimation ceramic mug is 300ml. Its product size is 8.2*9.5cm. The surface of this ceramic mug is well coated with sublimation coating.

Product Design:


The material of this mug is ceramic. The color change mug is made of high temperature resistant and environment-friendly ceramic material, which is safe and five poisons, making people feel more at ease. The porcelain in the cup is fine and transparent, with bright white luster. The cup mouth is fine, smooth and round. The handle of the cup has smooth circular arc shape and heart shape, and soft to the touch. The whole cup body is very delicate in workmanship, and the color is even.


This color change ceramic mug has three colors, they are red, blue and black. There are also frosted and matte for you to choose from. The frosted surface is rough and fine. Matte surface has more processing technology than frosting, which is brighter and has texture.


We can make personalized customization on this mug for you, such as photos, words and logo. All you have to do is provide us with 300 resolution images. This will make the picture clearer and fuller in color. We can print one or three pictures on the cup. It’s better to make two pictures, which will be more beautiful. The effective range of printing is 20cm * 8.5cm. You can choose the printing position according to your preference.

Before the cup changes color, you can only see a little image outline. Black cup body: the effect of hiding the picture is better, but you can still see the faint pattern when you look closely. Red cup body: the hidden picture can be visible, but the hazy feeling is very beautiful and transparent, which is deeply loved by girls. Blue cup body: the hidden picture shows that it is worse than black and better than red. The hazy feeling is very beautiful. The color changing cup will change color only when it meets hot water. Inject hot water above 60 ℃ into the cup and wait for 10 seconds. The color of the cup body will change from color to white, and the pattern can be clearly displayed. The higher the temperature of water, the faster the color will change.

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