The stainless steel thermos bottle is convenient and practical in daily life. But if the thermos bottle has been used for a long time, the thermos bottle will inevitably produce some odor, make people feel uncomfortable. In fact, it is not difficult to remove the odor in stainless steel thermos bottle. We can try to use salt, tea, lemon, baking soda and other items to help remove the odor. Then, let’s show you how to remove the odor in the thermos bottle.

  1. Use salt to remove the odor:

The bactericidal and deodorizing effects of salt are quite powerful. After cleaning the thermos bottle, pour salt water into it and shake it a few times. Then keep the cup for several hours. Don’t forget to turn the thermos bottle upside down so that salt water can soak the whole thermos bottle once. Finally, just wash it by water.

  1. Use toothpaste to remove odor:

Toothpaste can not only remove odor in the mouth and clean teeth, but also remove odor in the thermos bottle. If you wash the thermos bottle with toothpaste, the odor will disappear immediately.

  1. Use tea to remove the odor:

Search for tea with a heavier flavor, such as Puer tea, and fill the thermos bottle with boiling water and leave the thermos bottle for an hour before brushing it clean.

  1. Use orange peel to remove the odor:

Clean the thermos bottle with detergent first. Then put the fresh orange peel into the thermos bottle and tighten the lid for about four hours. Finally, clean the thermos bottle. Orange peel can also be replaced by lemon peel, the method is the same.

  1. Use alkaline baking soda to remove the odor:

First pour hot water into the thermos bottle. Then add alkaline baking soda and shake the thermos bottle several times. Finally, the thermos bottle will be placed for a few minutes and pour out the water. The odor and scale will be removed completely. This method has great cleaning power and good cleaning effect.

  1. Use milk to remove the odor:

First pour half a cup of warm water into the thermos bottle, then pour a few spoons of milk into the thermos bottle, shake the thermos bottle several times. Then place the thermos bottle for a few minutes and pour out the milk. Finally, the odor can be removed by cleaning the thermos bottle with water.

  1. Use rice to remove the odor:

First put the rice in the thermos bottle, then put a small amount of water, tighten the lid. Then shake the thermos bottle for 4 to 5 minutes and pour out the rice in the thermos bottle. Finally, rinse the thermos bottle clean.

Open the lid of the thermos bottle and place it for a period of time. Over time, the odor in the thermos bottle will gradually emanate. This may not be very good for some odors that have formed tea scales, but it can be used for slight odors.

If it is the odor produced by the long-term storage of the thermos bottle, we can put the thermos bottle in boiling water and soak it for about 10 minutes. After washing the thermos bottle, the odor will disappear.

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