What are the best selling insulated water bottles in Hono?

Stainless steel insulated water bottle is not only a common daily commodity. But also becoming a fashionable products, because of its powerful function, beautiful appearance and easy to carry to go. It became popular from the 1980s, and slowly developed a number of well-known brands. Hono Housewares Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of insulated water bottle in Zhejiang, China. With over 12 years experiences in this industry. HONO has developed many popular and best selling insulated water bottles like swell bottle style, yeti tumbler and hydro flask style. Let’s see it!

Swell bottle style

swell bottle

swell bottle

In cold winter, whether walking outdoors or curling up in a sofa blanket to avoid the cold. As long as you open Swell bottle, there will always be a cup of warmth for you at any time. Swell water Bottle is your go-to for keeping level temperatures. It’ll stay cold for up to 24 hours, and hot for 12 hours!

Our bottles are made of vacuum insulated high-grade 304 stainless steel, durable to the core with no-stain interiors and tough exteriors.

We made the sealing ring of swell bottle cap of silicone resin, which has excellent temperature resistance and stable performance between – 90 and 330 degree C. Silicone resin also has good compressible deformation resistance, many high-end underwater equipment use it as material.

With good leak-proof, whether you take it on a roller coaster or bungee jump and fly a few 360-degree cycles, don’t worry.

There are various size options of swell bottle. Our 12oz and 17oz bottles fit perfectly into a standard-sized cup holder. Another bonus? A bottle of wine fits just so into a 25oz bottle. If you have long-term outdoor activities, 1000ml bottle will be a good choice.

We also have many kinds of swell bottles with different colors and patterns. Including: light and matt surface, metal color series, impact color series, wood/marble pattern (every wood grain is unique), animal pattern series. I believe there’s always a pattern that suits you! If you have the need for customized services, just please let us know, we can customize the design as per your requirements.

Yeti tumbler style

20oz yeti tumbler

Industry insiders said that yeti tumbler attracted the consumers who yearn for outdoor life. Its loyal consumers are those who fish, hunt and climb mountains.

People often use Yeti tumbler for cold drinks. In hot summer, people use it to fill beer, cold drinks, ice cubes. If you have a drink, it can eliminate the anxiety and fatigue caused by hot weather. As well, its also insulation properties is shocking, even if the cover is not tightly sealed, the thermal insulation ability is still strong. Its outer wall is made of two layers of stainless steel. For 20 oz yeti tumbler, we recommend this cup to those who want to serve coffee in the morning and beer in the evening.

Hydro Flask style



The hydroflask style bottle is popular with outdoor sports people, so it’s more strict and professional in terms of technical quality. Hydro insulated water bottle has simple appearance, rough, more in line with the European and American consumers focus on functional and practical taste.

The spraying of bottle body and printing materials reach the level of non-toxic food, and can be used safely. In addition, it is odorless, sterile, free of environmental hormones and BPA, and easy to clean. At room temperature of 26 degrees, the boiling water after 12 hours is still 58 degrees, and the cooling can reach 24 hours.

Some styles have special bottle nozzles to meet the needs of sport like straw lid, flex cap, flip cap.

These are some of our hot selling products. In addition, we have many other styles of beautiful and practical insulated water bottle. If you want to know more about us, maybe you can visit our website www.honogo.com .