As a coffee lover, when you want to have a cup of delicious and refreshing coffee, you can not only choose your favorite coffee shop, or meet your favorite coffee beans, but also need a suitable portable coffee cup. All these can make the drinking coffee experience for every day wonderful.

In recent years, more and more environmentally conscious cafes will offer some “green discounts” to encourage guests to bring their own coffee cups (coffee to go cups) and minimize the waste of disposable cups. Such a new way of consumption makes us to save money, meanwhile to express a little kindness to our earth home.

Nowadays, there are many brands and styles of coffee to go cup in the market. If it’s difficult for you to choose a suitable coffee cup, maybe you can take a look at today’s article. It will help you pick out a coffee mug with functionality and design.

  1. How to select coffee cup’s material

In general, the most important that the coffee to go cup can keep the beverage delicious is from the effect of heat preservation and cold preservation. This has a lot to do with the materials and design structure, Moreover, some of the coffee mugs are not suitable for coffee, tea and other drinks, and there will leave a bad smell that is difficult to eliminate after a long time.

From the perspective of keeping cold and keeping hot, “stainless steel” and “double wall glass” are good choices.

  1. How to select coffee mug’s size and capacity

The reason why we buy an insulated coffee cup is for drinking convenient on the way, but it’s not the bigger the better. If you can’t finish the drink in time, the flavor will be greatly weakened after a long time. Therefore, we recommend to choose the capacity that you can drink in a short time normally.

For specific capacity, we can use the cup size of coffee shop as a reference, for example: small cup is about 240ml, medium cup is about 350ml, large cup is about 470ml. Just buy the size of the cup you usually use is okay.

  1. Portability and stability

Of course, giving priority to carry-on for the coffee to go mug. Especially when we need to go out or exercise for a long time, it is particularly important to check whether the intimate coffee to go cup is stable and whether the drinks in it are not easy to overturn.

We may as well pay more attention to the design details and sealing performance of the coffee tumbler. Such as whether the cup mouth is reinforced, whether there is a special cup lid, whether there is a design that is not easy to turn over.

  1. Easy to clean or not

A coffee to go cup is not disposable, so whether it is convenient for cleaning is also a consideration. If we like to hold coffee or tea, and level of activity is not too much, we recommend to use glass or stainless steel materials. This kind of material is easy to clean, and there is no need to worry about residual smell.

As well, if we often use the coffee to go cup, it is recommended to choose a cup with a larger mouth and a cup with a more easily detachable mouth, so that it is easier to manage.

What is the most popular coffee-to-go cups from HONO?

16 ounce stainless steel vacuum insulated coffee to go travel cup

This 16 oz coffee to go tumbler is easy to use, no need to rotate the cup lid. Open the flip lid, expose the drinking hole and enjoy it directly. You can carry it by hand easily, and can also place it on the car cup holder or water bottle rack on bicycle.

Considering the personalized needs of consumers, keep cup will also provide “design your own” services. If you would like to add your custom logo on the coffee cup, just send us your logo design, and we will printyour design on the cup to make it unique.

In general, this cup is very practical and portable. If you don’t have a particular preference, there’s nothing wrong to choose it.

350ml double wall stainless steel coffee travel coffee bottle

This coffee to go coffee bottle not only continues the characteristics of Japanese aesthetics, the simple and practical design can also be integrated into different urban life scenes.

Its size is suitable for the city bicycle cup holder, which is convenient for traveling and carrying. And it is not easy to scratch the color and texture of the frosted powder coating on the outside. The outside is sweat free when you put either hot coffee or cold coffee inside.

With traditional straight body lines are smoother, more comfortable feeling. And the top handle design is easy to grasp and can be easily hung on the bag strap.

10 oz stainless steel insulated low-ball coffee-to-go cup

This coffee tumbler with capacity 10 oz, and has excellent heat and cold insulation. With double wall vacuum insulation technology and with special honeycomb heat preservation cup lid, can keep cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, so that you can drink it at ease anytime and anywhere.

The wide mouth design is convenient for putting ice, and also for cleaning. It’s not only strong and durable, but also can accompany you up and down the mountain and sea.

There is a large number of disposable coffee cups be abandoned every year, causing a lot of waste and pollution. It is said that just only UK throws away 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups every year, “enough to circle the earth five and a half “.

Let’s say goodbye to disposable coffee cup and use our own coffee tumbler to buy coffee from today. This is a small kindness to our earth home. More more products information, you may also use our Alibaba Store.