The weather turned cold. Many people who go out or work in the office have almost a vacuum flask in hand. Even some parents bring vacuum bottle to their children when they go to school or play. How should we use insulated water bottle correctly?


  1. Please wash with a bicarbonate of soda solution or dishwashing liquid and rinse thoroughly before first using.
  2. To keep contents at their hottest/coolest, we recommend you pre-heat/pre-cool the inside of the flask before use. Fill flask with boiling/cool water and let stand for 1 min. Empty it and refill with your favorite drinks.
  3. Never use in a dishwasher and microwave or heat in the oven.
  4. Do not overfill your bottle; fill to approximately 2cm below the top of the liner to allow space for the lid.
  5. For your healthy, please drink quickly and clean the bottle in time when using the bottle for some perishable drinks like milk,.
  6. To make the bottle long-last using, we don’t recommend use the bottle for salt and acidic liquid. Please avoid violently impacting and drop in using.
  7. To avoid a sudden outbreak or outburst, do not use the bottle for sodas or carbonated drink.


Stainless steel vacuum flask is with inner and outer double stainless steel materials through vacuum technology. The vacuum structure of insulated water bottle can effectively control heat conduction, heat convection and heat radiation, so as to achieve the purpose of heat preservation, cold preservation and freshness preservation.

At present, people attach great importance to drinking water. It can supplement moisture in body, which is good for health. When the insulated water bottle is used at first, it should be cleaned scientifically to enhance the use time. How to use the insulated bottle for the first time?

Put the new bottle in water, wash it from inside to outside, then pour some neutral detergent into the bottle, use a brush ( you can use toothbrush ) to dip in the detergent and brush the inside and outside of the bottle repeatedly several times until it is completely cleaned. Then pour boiling water into the bottle (fill up) and tighten the lid. Pour out the water after 5 hours, after repeated cleaning, we can start to use safely.

In daily life, we do not recommend use carbonated drinks such as milk, dairy products and fruit juice in thermos bottle for a long time. It will not only affect drinks, but also damage thermos bottle. As milk is very rich in nutrition contents, vitamins and other nutrients are easy to be destroyed in high temperature, and microorganisms in them are more likely to multiply rapidly at suitable temperature, make milk deterioration, usually lead to diarrhea, abdominal pain.

High acidity fruit juice into the thermos bottle, will cause vitamin damage in the juice. It will also react with the inner wall of the vacuum bottle, affecting human health. Tea is easy to ferment at high temperature and constant temperature, which will destroy vitamins. The volatilization of aromatic oil and the leaching of tannic acid and theophylline not only reduce the nutritional value of tea, but also make tea soup tasteless, bitter and astringent, and increase harmful substances.

After using vacuum flask, we should clean it in time. We think it is better to use soft cloth and wash with food detergent diluted by warm water. Please do not use hard material to wipe the surface of the thermos bottle, which will damage the screen silk printing or heat transfer printing. It will be better to put a little boiling water first, then pour it out. Finally put it in boiled water for heat preservation. As well, ice water can keep the original cold effect within 12 hours. Plastic parts and silicone rubber rings should not be scalded with boiling water.

Too little or too much water will affect the insulation effect. The best heat preservation effect is that the water volume is 1-2CM below the bottleneck. The contents of lunch boxes also should not be too small or too much. The best capacity is 3/4 or 4/5 of the contents.

We hope some of the above suggestions can help you! Hono is a professional supplier of stainless steel vacuum flask. If you have any questions about how to use the insulated water bottle or would like to learn more about our products, please contact us.