Are you looking for a fun way to customize your insulated tumbler? Are you looking for a way to make a unique gift for your friends? If you answered yes to either question, let us probe into the new world of sublimation printing on mugs.

Tumblers with inspirational quotes, beautiful scenery and creative personal designs are getting popular day by day. With the increasing demand for customized products, sublimation printing began to be widely used in our daily life. As it produces vivid color and very soft transfers. It doesn’t require a high amount of investment, expensive equipment, and a huge workspace. With the most economical way, you can start sublimating tumblers with custom designs that possess your creativity and skill.

What do we need to prepare before we do sublimation printing on tumbler?

  1. Sublimation heat press machine

  2. Sublimation printer

  3. Transfer paper

  4. Sublimation ink

  5. Heat-resistant tape

  6. Heat-resistant mitt

  7. Tumblers for sublimation

Step 1: Preparing the Design

To make or collect the design that you want to sublimate on the blank stainless steel tumblers. It can be any text, image, or graphic. You can also design with computer software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.

In most cases, vector images are not required for sublimation. Generally speaking, vector images are not pixelated. You don’t need to vectorize an image unless you need to resize it or enlarge a part of it.

Step 2: Print the Design

It would be better to use the right size paper to accommodate the image or you have the option to go with transfer papers that are cut for standard size tumbler. Like 20oz skinny tumbler, 10oz coffee mug.

You need to make sure that your printer can handle this type of work and load sublimated ink and transfer paper. Most importantly, the printed should be on the coated surface of the paper.

If you don’t have this type of printer, you can look for the specialized suppliers directly who provide the service of printing the design, finally they will help you get the transfer paper with your design that workable for sublimation printing.

Step 3: Fit Paper on Tumbler

Put the paper on the tumbler and make the paper face it. Wrap the paper tightly around the tumbler. You need to press the paper tightly against the insulated tumbler. Stick heat resistant tape at both the ends of transfer paper to make it firm.

Please note use a special tape that can tolerate the high temperatures used in sublimation. You can purchase the heat tape from your sublimation supplier. Don’t try to replace the heat resistant tape with Scotch Tape or something else, this may leave a mark of tape on your travel tumbler, also make your operation process dangerous.

Step 4: Sublimation Tumbler Press

Putting the blanks mugs on the heat press machine, then you need to make some adjustments. Set the temperature to 340 ℃, then set the time 30s (The time and temperature varies from machine to machine). When the temperature of the machine rises to 340 ℃, the display screen on the machine will start counting down automatically 30s to 0s. When you hear a “di-”, please turn off the powers and take out the vacuum tumbler from the machine.

Step 5: Cooling Time

When the sublimation is completed, you need to let the insulated tumbler cool down for a while. It’s too hot to touch at that time. Finally put on your Heat-resistant mitt and tear off the transfer paper wrapped around the tumbler. You will find the tumbler come out amazing!

Let’s create custom artworks for yourself, your friends or your customers, even allow them to add their own unique design, they will feel more involved in the process.

As we all know, the sublimation process requires blanks tumblers, and there need a special film added on the surface of the blanks tumbler for sublimation printing. Hono Housewares Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of s/s tumbler in Zhejiang China. We found sublimation mugs has become a big hit in this year. Let’s introduce some hot selling mugs for sublimation printing in our company for you.

20oz Skinny Tumbler

It is the best-selling product of all the sublimation cups. With slide lid and plastic/metal straw. Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas Day, a wedding anniversary, or simply just because, people love custom tumblers. The skinny tumbler made of high grade 304 stainless steel with an extra spray painting, it has good rust resistance and no metal taste. Easy to use, easy to clean, has a long service lifespan.

This tumbler can keep your on-the-go beverages hot for 6hours or cold for 12 hours. It is perfect for your daily commute, as well as the offices, family dinner.

20oz Yeti Tumbler

These double-walled, vacuum insulated tumblers are able to keep beverage hot or cold for 12hrs. Popular design of that is great for both men and women.

20oz cups with colored powder coated finish on the outside make it super easy-grip. The shape is tapered designed, so it will fit in standard cup holders.

12oz coffee cup

Coffee cup

Vacuum coffee cup is great for outdoor exploration, road travel, festival activities. It retains heat well only for as long as you need to get from one place to another and lets you sip easily while on the move. So it’s easy to keep the coffee hot during the commute.

The eco-friendly lid is completely BPA free, silicon ring seals to achieve maximum spill proof capability. Wide mouth drinking hole on the lid, so just enjoy your beverage with a straw.

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