Starbucks is an American coffee chain, it was founded in 1971 and is the largest coffee chain in the world. Its retail products include more than 30 top coffee beans in the world, hand-made espresso and coffee cold and hot drinks, fresh and delicious pastries, as well as a variety of coffee machines, coffee Mugs and other goods.

Hono is a supplier specialized in stainless steel drinkwares in Zhejiang, China. Over the past few years, we produced many Starbucks style insulated coffee mug to meet the needs of the customer, including Starbucks style coffee mug.

We all know that every Christmas or Valentine’s Day, people who go to Starbucks shop to buy coffee are likely to go to Starbucks for the purpose of drinking coffee, but the final purpose maybe is the Starbucks’ special cups for the festival. Every year, Starbucks’ Christmas theme cup is a hot topic in the media. Let’s introduce some popular stainless steel Starbucks style mug in Hono!

1.  NT450A-26  stainless steel insulated starbucks coffee cup

starbucks coffee cup

This coffee mug is becoming more and more popular with Starbucks fans because of its novel shape, unique creativity, and the simple but not easy of Starbucks style. Because each Starbucks cup has a certain commemorative significance, and it is usually limited edition, many Starbucks fans will rush to buy a collection. As well, double wall vacuum insulated tech can keeps the drinks hot for about 12 hours. In cold winter, it can bring warmth to people, at the same time, it also prolongs the drinking time of coffee. The lid is leak-proof and well-designed, just open the flip cap to sip and then close. Don’t forget the handle, the handle design is also a major feature of this product, convenient to carry, sometime it is really help.

2.  NST450-4 stainless steel vacuum starbucks cold cup with straw

Starbucks cold cup with straw

It’s ingenious in design, exquisite in workmanship and popular. Even disposable cups are so beautiful that people want to take it home. The cups used for sale are of course more “attractive”. This is the perfect size of 16oz, perfect for traveling, office, gym, school, camping, hiking or car use. The stainless steel coffee mug includes a reusable straw that won’t break and a flat lid that is easy to screw on/off. The double wall design is sturdy, durable and do not hot or frozen hands. We think it is a great gift for commuter, families, friends, colleagues, classmates, etc. A gift that suitable for all ages!

3. NT500-18  stainless steel starbucks coffee to go cup

Starbucks coffee cup to go

From the design point of view, intuitive feeling the cup design is simple and advanced, whether from the shape of the cup or from the design of the lid. More in line with young people’s Aesthetics. 16oz a standard size coffee cup, and is perfect for staying hydrated at the gym or on-the-go. As well, it is Easy-to-clean, you just open the lid and wash the whole cup easily with a sponge or something other cleaning tools . And the next time you use it, there will be no odor. Nowadays people are more and more aware of environmental protection. Stainless steel insulate mug is the main alternative to plastic bottles and cups. No plastics, no paint, no BPA, no harm to the environment. So it is becoming a best choice for people to drink.

Hono as a professional supplier of insulated water bottle, we can offer a variety of product styles like hydro flask, Yeti, Swell and Starbucks, if you are interest in any style of them, please feel free to contact us!