3D Digital Printing

3D printing advantages

3D printing is a new printing technology suitable for overall multi-colors printing with small quantity base.

3D digital printing can print multi-colors(CMYK) design and pattern.

No like other type of printing, it doesn’t need any set up charge to start.

Without set up charge, it can print small quantity like 100pcs to start.

By 3D printing, we can print a pattern overall wrap on whole bottles.

For stainless steel drinkwares industry, 3D digital printing is a very new printing technology. It’s suitable for overall multi-colors printing based on small quantity of products. With advantage of no set up charge, low production MOQ,  it’s very suitable for small quantity of multi-colors printing for bottles.

Take traditional heat-transfer printing as example, it need around $500-600 to set up a plating printing to start. It’s not economical when you want to print hundreds of bottles by heat-transfer printing. Not like heat-transfer printing and other type printing, 3D digital printing don’t any set up charge.

And there’s 3D effect on the printing. You may feel the printing logo by your finger. This is also a special feature different form other type of printing.