HONO as a responsible company producing eco-friendly water bottles in China, we are developing bright ideas for a better planet. The impact of our customers using our long-lasting products instead of disposable bottles and cups is equivalent to saving 6 million trees — and counting. We also have invested in the most energy efficient manufacturing methods and employed effective waste and water recycling, which makes Hono a leader in sustainability practices.

But Hono strives to do even more. We listen to our customers, our staff and our business partners and we are all concerned about sustainability and our environment. There is no one answer, but by adding together many small savings, we can create a large impact. We are committed to taking action to build longer lasting insulated water bottle using less energy and producing less waste with more sustainable materials.

These aren’t empty slogans, at Hono we are proud of our commitment to constantly look for ways to reduce our impact on the planet.

Our facility features waste recycling, a certified water treatment facility and energy efficient equipment; these actions, plus making products that last are steps toward sustainability. Using our products also helps to reduce our overall environmental footprint; we’ve calculated that if all our customers in one year who purchase an insulated water bottle or hydro flask save two paper cups or disposable water bottles a day from being used, the overall impact will be 6 million trees left standing and 9million gallons of gas not burned to create disposable products. Are we perfect? No, but we want you to join us in taking action in big and small ways to reduce our impact on our world.

Join with us because together we can. Together we can make a difference!